WTS old (2012) pilot with clear corp history

WTS myself

Born 2012.11.28

Clean corp history - only staring corp record

Like 5 mil SP in random skill

All Character Bazaar rules apply

2.5b offer

3b offer

3.2b offer

Thanks for the offer @Marianne_Zoidberg ,

if no one offer more until 18:00 EEST today, you can send your account name and ISKs to start transfer.

If it falls through ill buy it for the same price

isk and account info sent

Iā€™m sorry @Marianne_Zoidberg , yesterday I dont see your post

Today after returning from my work (again approx 18:00 eest) I will check this and initiate the transfer

Hi, @Marianne_Zoidberg ,

funds received

Transfer started

I would appreciate confirmation

Thank you for the business

Transfer email received, awaiting finalization.

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Character received. Thank you

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