WTS 81.97m sp capital pilot Naglfar and Revelation etc

Before the auction is over, I will log in everyday and do the task to earn more skillpoints and receive daily log-in gift.
Location: Jita 4-4
Wallet: Positive
No kill right
Many basic skills reached five
With over 2mil unallocated sp
With four improved implants

I will pay for the 20 USD transfer fee.

Startbid from 55b
Buyout 70b

Thanks for your time!

I’ll offer ya 20b

Can you please respond to my EVEmail so that we can open up a dialog and negotiate a price? Im certain that we can reach an agreement.

sorry, my console is not around. Would you please offer your price here?

40B Offer


^ Offer valid for 6 hours.
(Yes, “six” hours).

You have not had a 60b offer in over 3 months, it is more than 20b over extraction value, it is extremely unlikely that the offer will beaten, so if you’re serious about “actually” selling the character… lets go.

Offer accepted. Please transfer 60B isk to Capitalt and tell me which account I should transfer to.

Isk sent
EVEmail sent confirm account name - to which you will transfer the character


ISK received. I will begin the transfer now.

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Character transfer process just started, if the character was transfered to your account, please confirm here.


Character Transfer email notification received.

My account showed that the character transfer process was finished. Please confirm here so that I can close this thread.

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