WTS or Rent WH c5-6 / c5-5

WH c5-5 Red Giant + Astrahus + 8 POCOs (Barren, Temperate, Oceanic x3, Gas x3)

WH c5-5 Red Giant

Still for sale?

Eve-mail sent.

I reply by mail. All awailable systems finished atm.

2 systems awailable:

WH c5-5 Fortizar
WH c5-5 Fortizar+Astrahus

ingame mail sent

ok. sent answer

One systems awailable:

WH c5-5 vanilla (Fortizar+Astrahus)

mail send via Lynn Strix

All systems sold/rented.
I will back with available systems later.

Are there any wormholes with fortizar for sale?

No free systems atm.

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