WTS Orca and PI pilot 11m sp

Hi, im selling this Orca / pi pilot

All rules followed
I pay transfer
all in npc corp
Positive wallet
Located in highsec
No kill rights

Orca pilot is 11m sp can fly and mine boost very well is also an amazing PI char.
Command Center Upgrades 5
Interplanetary Consolidation 5
Industrial Command 4
Mining Director 5
Mining Foreman 5
Shield command 5
Industrial Reconfiguration 5
Mass Production 5 (not sure why i did it )

Edit * 9B bo

7.5b b/o - online now if good for OP

Edit above for BO 9B

8.25 - some work to be done on it is all.

OK i accept send isk and account name

Both sent

Transfer starter Enjoy

Scratch that server was slow - character received than you

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