WTS Orca/ Retreiver Pilot

5.9 million SP

No Kill Rights
Located Amarr 1.0
+3 Attribute Implants
1 Neural Remap
+2 Bonus Remaps
Positive Wallet
No Negative Standing
Can fly Orca well and Retriever

Start: 3b
Buyout: 10b or Best Offer

Skillq link isnt public, cant access it.

updated hope that worked

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4b offer

4.1b offer

4.5 offer

4.6 bil

5b offer

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5B offer accepted, please send ingame mail with info and Payment

if sale does not go through i am interested for 5.1

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Thank you, I will give Gunnz Galore 18 more hours, if no response I will accept your counter bid

Isk & info sent :slight_smile:

Isk and Info received. Character Transfer Started.

Thank you for your Business. enjoy the character!