Wts Orca/hulk/indy pilot 15m sp 14days from Rorq


Can fly fenrir to.

Located in HS
Pos wallet
no jump clones
+4 implants
No kill rights
Highest bid wins.


13 bil what is b/o

16b B/o highest bid wins will run this bid until 12/4 18:00

16bill b/o

16.5 b/o

is this buy out or auction?

I dunno

16.8 but i need to close deal today

16 b B/O like i sayd you win gin

17 bil I sold my main and need a new account lol

ah thank you

A true honorbro

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Reeeeeeeeee R.I.P. was gonna b/o but wanted to see how it goes

Can you convo me ingame? sorting a few things will take 10 min then i can do the transfer

no problem thank you


Gin you willing to sell it?

isk sent and account name sent

I am sorry I was looking for this skill char for my isk making and wouldn’t be fair to make isk when seller was cool and stuck to b’o