WTS Orca / LvL4 Mission Pilot 45mill SP Valuation lowered

I am for sale (Excellent name :slight_smile: )

35B start
45B B/O

Auction ends 16/6/19
All CCP rules apply
NPC corp and located in Jita. 1 additional Jump Clone. No Killrights.
Implants in 1 JC including mining foreman mindlink.

Happy bidding

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35 bil

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38 bil

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39 bil

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Bump 2 days left

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Red Lola is the winning bid. Please send the isk and account details to Kensi Blye and I will start the transfer.

24 Hours and no contact from the winning bidder. Another 24 Hours and will be offered to Maizie Fields for 39B if you still want the character?

40b b/o isk ready to go

Will have to wait 24 hous for the original winner to see if they contact.


dos sos, send the isk to Kensi Blye and account details and she is yours

Account information and money have been mailed, please check it.

letter and isk sent to Master Selin - by buy Kensi Blye