WTS Orca Pilot , miner t2 , booster 15,860,185 SP 19,5B if u take me now :D

I want sell this charr

B/O 19,5 B

Transfer few i pay

message me ingame please to discuss, buying a toon today

Bump :slight_smile:

Daily bump

still selling?
I can do 17bil

4 h i be in home after work and u take it

im on if u want still buy me

tried to contact u in game…

im on

toon still for sell

17Bil isk ready

Daily bump

18 bill isk ready

Ok 18 bil is ok send name of account where toon must go :slight_smile: and Please send isk on morrigan84

isk and account info sent
please send character

Its done 10 h and toon will be available on ur account

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