WTS Original Capital BPOs

hi i stop research and will sell all the original capital BPOS.

All of them are max researched ME 10% and Time eff. 20% the are lokated at Ammarr trade hub

Evepraisal - Appraisal 12nu59: 5.29 Billion Buy / 18.18 Billion Sell Price is 18,2 B I wil sell them for 16 B

contact here or ingame

daily bump

bumping day

daily bump

PM’d ingame.

is for you price contracted

Rejected, 1/3rd of the BPOs are TE 0. OP indicated all were 20%.

so i checked again is true from the 15 are only 4 te0 so make a price for the other execpt this

you can get the 11 bpo are maxed 10,20 for 11 billions

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