All BPOs are 10/20

Capital Armor Plates - 1.8B
Capital Capacitor Battery - 1.6B
Capital Computer System - 1.65B
Capital Construction Parts - 1.75B
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay - 2.35B
Capital Jump Drive - 2.10B
Capital Power Generator - 2.28B
Capital Propulsion Engine - 1.88B
Capital Sensor Cluster - 1.73B
Capital Siege Array - 2.88B
Capital Turret Hardpoint - 2.15B
Capital Shield Emitter - 1.8B
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay - 2.25B
Siege Module I - 1.95B
Capital Core Defense Field - 380M
Naglfar - 10B
Archon - 7.5B

All are located in Jita.

I’ll bring you back to Earth a bit and offer 5.5 for the Naglfar BPO

No thanks

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Daily bump

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