WTS Cap/Cap part BPO's

All located in Jita 4-4
I only have one of each

Apostle 8/16 - 1.6bil
Archon 8/14 - 1.6bil
Naglfar 8/16 - 2.6bil
Nidhoggur 8/14 - 1.8bil
Revelation 8/16 - 3.2bil
Thanatos 8/16 - 2bil

All Cap part BPO’s are 10/20

Capital Armor Plates - 2bil
Capital Capacitor Battery - 2.4bil
Capital Computer System - 2bil
Capital Construction Parts - 2.3bil
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay - 2.6bil
Capital Drone Bay - 1.4bil
Capital Jump Drive - 2.6bil
Capital Power Generator - 1.6bil
Capital Propulsion Engine - 2bil
Capital Sensor Cluster - 2.4bil
Capital Shield Emitter - 2.4bil
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay - 2bil
Capital Siege Array - 2.6bil
Capital Turret Hardpoint - 2bil

Fighter Support Unit I 8/18 - 200mil
Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core Blueprint 8/14 - 400mil

11bil for all capital ship prints

I’ll do them for 12bil

I’d do 12 but i have to research them so 11 is the best i can do. If that is good contract to me.

I offer 15b for all

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