WTS perfect 10/20 Battleship BPOs, price is 1.9B for each

SOLD - Apocalypse
SOLD - Armageddon
SOLD - Raven
SOLD - Scorpion (for this, price is 1.7B)
SOLD - Tempest

No need to write me/contact me, just all contracts are up in game. Dominix was bought just 2 minutes after i created contract, before i started writing present post.
Don’t miss such low prices for BPOs which take more than half of the year to 10/20 with 1.3B of initial price.

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heh… update - only scorpion for 1.7B, and typhoon for 1.9b are left. Good, good. Who will grab first these two?

Last BPO is left - Typhoon, 10/20, 1.9B
Third popular after Dominix and Tempest (according to demand on BPCs)

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