WTS Perfect focused rorqual 23.2msp

I am for sale


Mining Director 5
Capital Indy 5
Drone Interfacing 5
Cybernetics 5
T2 Core
Mindlink Ready

Basically max yield and also perfect boosts. Can take the character in any direction you want

All ccp rules apply

Starting bid 20B
Buyout 26B

Auction ends 48 hours from this post

Jim, i’ll do 25 b/o for fast sale

26 bill

Accept 26B. Please send the isk to me along with an account name so i can make the transfer

I’m going home wait 40 minutes.

As per ingame msg, will pay 26b should above buyer back out.

Noted, will let you know

isk and account sent

Isk received and character transferred

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