WTS Perfect Nyx/Moros/Erebus Pilot 77 mil SP

Restarting the auction on the character because couldn’t complete the previous one due to some IRL stuff.


*Perfect Thanatos/Nyx pilot
*Perfect Moros Pilot
*Good Erebus Pilot

Starting Bid is 70 billion isk. Buyout is 155 billion.

Character has few bills in assets as well if you feel like you are the trader :slight_smile:

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bump of the day :slight_smile:

70 bil

71 bil ready with ISK

72 bil, since we started it over again, i guess previous bids dont count right ?

73 bil

73.5 isk Ready

80 bil

81b bided

81.5 b isk ready

Still for sale?

82b ready

83B bid

84 B isk

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