WTS Perfect Nyx and Moros Pilot

Nice well rounded toon that flies the nyx and moros

91+ million sp
HG Slaves in lowsec npc station (current pod)
2 training pods in high sec (basic and improved)

no kill rights

0 wallet balance

nyx has the spirit skin


  • pw: 1234

post offers here or in game

In game offer for 73 billion lets see where it goes from here


76 billion

77 billion

79 billion

current in game offer of 80 billion … buyout is 90

still waiting on that right price

81bill money waiting

82b Money burning the bank

if the best offer is 82 for the next 24 hours then that will be the price … 85 gets the toon immediately

85 buy out reached via ingame mail. if all goes to plan toon is sold

@William_M_Tweed looks like in game buyer is out if you are still in 82 and the toon is yours

bump character still for sale



80 bil

81 bil

82 bil

@Perpetualed sold at 82 if i dont receive any higher bids by the time i get home from work tomorrow at 9:00 pm US Eastern. send account info so i can transfer tomorrow if you are the winner

you have won send your account info and money my man