WTS perfect rorq pilot

Perfect rorq pilot for sale!


Rorq V (config. T2 , Industrial ships V) , Mining Barge V , all Drones V.
Minmatar carrier IV
Planet Management V

This character is the best option if are you about to mine anything.

1 Jump clone availavle, 2 remaps, sec. status 5

Starting bid: 40 bil isk
b/o: 45 bil isk

i’ll buy this character now for 45b

B/o accepted. Having a deal with @Fatli_Solvent

This character shares corp history with http://eveboard.com/pilot/Timoxa_338 which was used to scam last week.

This guy is also looking for like 15-20b under what this character should be going for.

I wish you luck @Fatli_Solvent

Damnit Brock i was testing him in an ingame convo
i was trying to find some connection but now you ruined it.

Bid withdrawn

Brock Khans-els the sale!

@Fatli_Solvent retracted bid, toon is still for sale

40 bil isk ready

45 bil b/o