WTS Perfect subcapital pilot 91m SP HG implants

HG Amulet
HG Crystal
HG Asklepian
MG Asklepian
MG Asklepian
no killmarks
jtia 4-4
npc corp
rdy for 5 lvl caldari missions and 4 lvl burner missions
good zkillboard https://zkillboard.com/character/2113154059/

Offer 66b

still for sale


still for sale

still for sale

67.5 B

I’m ready to transfer the character
You can send isk

Mail sent to you with more info…

still for sale

want buy my character for 67 bil?

65b offer

okay, send mail for more info and isk

isk and info sent

starting transfer

70B if this is still available.

sent u a message

Is this still available?

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