Near 0 Assets
Will join NPC Corp
Misc LP
Mostly positive Standings
Implants are as follows:
4-HWWF: Mid-grade Virtue AQ-710 AR-810 Neural Lace ‘Blackglass’ Net Intrusion 920-40
4-HWWF: Mid-grade Amulet
4-HWWF: Low-grade Asklepian
4-HWWF: Mid-grade Amulet
4-HWWF: High-grade Mimesis
4-HWWF: High-grade Crystal
4-HWWF: High-grade Asklepian
4-HWWF: High-grade Hydra
4-HWWF: Low-grade Asklepian
4-HWWF: High-grade Amulet
I can move to Jita!

Pending private sale for 220B to Traitorous Translator

Need skill board

200b offer


200b interested

200b too cheap

it’s a pity, but there is no more, and so right now I would buy

Sent in game to confirm still available

Characters are still for sale!

I will bid 225bil ISK, clones moved to Jita 4-4

Sure,I’ll move for you now.

I have moved the clone to jita.

I will start to transfer when the money is transferred. Please pay attention to the information.

ISK and account info sent, Please confirm transfer has started

I have received your transfer, and I will start to transfer roles immediately. Please wait for the transfer to be successful.

I need to wait for a while before I can transfer. Maybe I can start the transfer operation tomorrow morning. Thank you for waiting.

Have you started the transfer? Please confirm. Thank you!

Transfer has started, please wait for the pilot to complete the transfer.

Character received - thank you!!

The transaction is completed and this conversation is closed.

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