WTS 16.3m SP Pilot -------- Sold


Originally skilled into Rorqs, some indy and ore processing, but it’s been inactive. If you don’t care for that stuff, it still has the 2 available remaps.

16,359,300 total skill points.

I would like to start at 6b

Thank you

Could you link skillboard please?

Just searched your character up on eveskillboard, would you accept offer of 8b?


It is currently located in Jita, just removed it from Corp. Positive ISK, no kill rights


Thanks for the offer, computer chassis :wink: . I’ll consider the offer! I’d like to see some others as well since I just posted a few minutes ago.

if I don’t see any more offers within a reasonable time frame (less than a day), I will accept


Hey, Lian! Last I sold a character there wasn’t a 20 dollar fee which seems heavy. If I could counter offer at 9.5b and I handle the full transfer cost? Just let me know, thanks!

Aura Athonille:

I will do 9.5B. Please confirm the purchase before I sell assets though.

Thanks for taking that counter offer, Jnari!

If I don’t get a counter from Lian, I will accept your bid within the hour <3

Closing this bid in ~ 30 minutes

Sold <3

Make a payment directly to Aura Athonille and contact me in-game with the account it’s going to. Once that’s doen I’ll make the transfer !

24 hours to confirm your purchase :slightly_smiling_face:

Confirmed, sending isk and account name in game.

Isk and account name sent

Received. Pleasure doing business <3

Character transfer in process. If you need the receipt for the transfer purcahse within the next 24 hours please DM me !


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