WTS PI/Dictor/Scanner alt (14m SP)

14,096,561 skillpoints
Dictor/scanner/PI skillset
Bonus remap available.
No kill rights
Positive ISK balance
Will come without assets, located in Hulm, Moon 2.

8b b/o





ba bump bump

bump bo lowered to 8b



6 bil

I won’t liquidate for less than extraction value, sorry.

8 bil ok but need time to delete old unused toon

okay, let me know when you are ready :slight_smile:

I’m ready, could you reply in this thread from the character that going to be sold?

Here you are

Skillboard updated to most recent as well (although, no change.)

Once ISK is sent to “Sammael Solaren”, no quotes, i’ll begin the transfer to whatever account you tell me. (and if you would prefer it privately, can obviously evemail me)

sent , sent

ISK Recieved, transfer initiated

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