WTS - Price Drop - 2006 160 mil sp / Awesome Sub PVP / T2 Dread / Perfect Hel

In NPC corp
Sec status -1.58
Positive wallet
Birth year - 2006

Key Highlights
Perfect Nag
Super Carrier
All Fighters V

Can fly all precursor ships. Training t2 Large guns for Leshak now.

Remaps= 1 and 1 bonus

Can do level 5 missions

Willing to work with anyone with smaller budget. I can make this a perfect character for you, via extracting not needed skills. Send in game message.

Starting bid = 140 Billion

B/O= Make an offer

How much is the buyout?

200 bil


Bump up. 140 bil noted, I’m in no hurry

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To the top


Bump it up

Bump it


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140 bil offer gets me.

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Bump up

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