WTS purps

Location Jita

2x Mizuro TE - 1.5b each
1x Mizuro Gyro - 3b
1x vizian NOS - 1.5b
1x selynne NOS - 1.2b
1x ahremen NOS - 1.5b
1x broklara neut - .9b
1x draclira neut - 4.3b
1x raysere neut - 1.5b
1x draclira RCU - 2.2b
1x cormack co-pro - 1.3b

price for drak neut?

price added…

18b deal for all ! :slight_smile:

To the top


I’ll offer 1.4 for the Drac RCU (1.8 in Jita atm)

Will check when home :slight_smile:

And bump

Still 4 sale

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