WTS PvP/ Faktion War Charakter with 19.4m SP

The Vallet ist Positiv
He has a positiv security Status
an all important pvp skills for small scale pvp in him.

Over the price let me know how many you guys want to give…

He is at moment in dodixie …

With this Character are any ships how the Sin (Black Ops) full fitted and other ships…


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BunP i will sell him for 8.5 bil

i can offer you 8b maybe?

8.1 b

Thx dudes for your offer but i need a bit more i think on 8.5 and i transfer the character instant.

8.1 is my max. Can send now.

Gina i wait for 8.5b and i will send it at the same moment!

Closed Don’t Forget01 will be transfered now to the buyer

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