(Gar'sul) #1

Selling my beloved War’sul. I play way to selden anymore. Hope you can have some great
pew pew with him!

Write if you need any info.

  • Starting at 20B

(Indy 555) #2

35b offer( I want to wait)
Just keep my offer in your mind

(Falcon ThePilot) #3

20 B.

(Apollo2vp) #4

30 B B/O?

(Gar'sul) #5

Not sure what you mean by waiting Indy.

But I think a 35b B/O is a fair price. Letting it run a bit to see if anyone wants him.

Thanks for the offers so far.

(Indy 555) #6

I don’t sure that I can earn 27b in 2.5 days in c6 wormhole.I have to leave the city for 2 days (since 25 july until 27 july) . I could easily earn this money in 3 days.But I will try to make 27b in 2.5 days…If u want u can sell this char,np xD

(Maizie Fields) #7

33.5b, available now for quick close.

Edit: Please have War’sul confirm in this thread that he is for sale.

(War'sul) #8

Maizie Fields - I am ready for sale if you are still online :slight_smile:

(Maizie Fields) #9

Sending ISK and account info now…

(War'sul) #10

Isk and account info recived. Proceeding with transfer!

(War'sul) #11

1 x EVE Character Transfer €20.00 Paid

(Maizie Fields) #12

Transfer confirmed. Thanks, War’sul!