Wts pvp/pve/mining chares 39.8m/sp

Wts pvp/pve/mining chares
Rorqual parfect
Pvp caldari ships
Pve gila, rattle, phenix t2 launcher.


Check price

30B ready

31 bil

32B offer

35b offer

Which is the correct link?

The right one is the one that follow exactly the former offer :slight_smile:
32 following 31 and in the other thread 33 following 32
On this thread you can’t be misleaded …

We failed to refresh the skills for xCTEPBAx. We received a 4xx error which usually means the access has been revoked by the owner. Please contact the owner to reauth.

be careful mate

looks like scam, iam not sure just looks like

@Voldemort_Molok we don’t have really the tool to check if one is possible a scam or not ,
this web-site is not really the property of CCP so coud be misleaded…
whatever the result, if any issue -> ticket report and let’s CCP sort it out .
We are quite lucky thanks to them that this bazaar is not a jungle :smiley:

you are right :slight_smile:

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