WTS-19m sp Tengu and PVPfrigate


tengu and confessor forPVPand PVE

Frigate for PVP

ebolfer 0.3

Suitable for novice PVP, I have no time to play. I want to be a miner.

contacted in-game

check the mail


14b offer

Up Up Up


up up up
I will accept the highest price today

up up

up up up

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sorry othet people is ready

16B ready

OK deal what shall I do next? it’s my frist?time

Wait for me to send the account number and ISK

You can ask ISD for details

ok but can u wait for half day I’m outside when I come back I will mail u in eve

Thank you for waiting. ISK and email have been sent. Let me know when the transfer is complete

Dear ISD :slight_smile: can u help me to use plex to transfer, because im in african, here dont have paypal and even my credit card is use less

sorry my friend because the VISA card problem i cant pay 20USD transfer fees.
so i will send back your money and give u a mail in eve .
really sorry