WTS Rabisu

As per title!

Located in jita

Hoping for 250b or above but throw me your offers!

Feel free to contract me ingame, here or on discord Cable#0950

Happy bidding! :slight_smile:

Buy your very own bastard child of a guardian & ashimuu!

180b offer

thanks for the offer, but not in a million years bud :slight_smile:

Topping it up!

200b offer

Getting closer to what Iā€™m looking for but still not within reach :slight_smile:

Buy your very own shiny reppyboi today!

The suckyboi is still available!

Its still here and for sale kids!

up up and away

still for sale


Higher than the other guy

Get your very own shiny logiboi

upto the top

still here btw!

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  1. Bil

Thank you for the offer will take it under advicement

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