WTS Raiju

Raiju - 150b

Located in lowsec one jump from highsec.
Open to offers and possible trades (if you want to offload your detta or rev, post here or send me a mail.


Still for sale, can also include god rolled mods, for a price :slight_smile:

Bumping, 24h discount get 'em fast

I have a Hyper Detta for sale in Ama

I’ll take the Laelaps for 200. Contract to Vilgan Mazran please, evemail when it goes up appreciated :slight_smile:

Raiju 125 + free bump :smiley:

Updated and bump, also cody, it’s 200b for raiju for you only :slight_smile:
The 125b offer rejected.

I wish these weren’t so hard to find for less than they were almost a year ago.

Uhm what? 200bil for a Raiju when your post says 155. Oh for him lmao, free bump.


Bump, this ones been undocked even!

150bil offer for Raiju