WTS Rare Clothes: Sterling Ishukone Special Edition

Men’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Shirt (Ishukone Special Edition) 15b OBO
Men’s ‘Source’ Coat (black) 6.5b OBO on Jita Market- SOLD

What is a “source coat”

Do you not have the game downloaded…?

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no I stream it mentally…


Source coat SOLD, Ishukone Sterling Dress Still available

10b dress shirt offer

Bump, 10b is a bit to low at the moment

11b offer?

I would let it go for 14

I remember buying a bunch from the NES which is how we ended up with the Silvershore greatcoat

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Send the contract my way for 14b

pièce de résistance

Contract up

Contract accepted. Sorry for the delay, yesterday I could not play much.

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all good me too :slight_smile: enjoy