WTS "Silvershore" Greatcoat - 500B

I decided a long time ago to never sell my “Silvershore” Greatcoat and monocle, but am willing to sell the greatcoat for 500B. I know it’s a lot of isks, but it will be used to support random newbies in game.


Is the monocle for sale? And if so is the price any less preposterous than the silvershore price?

It’s not preposterous pricing, it’s just a Get Rich Quick kind of sale, which given your username, should have your full support :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll pay 30 for the monocle

I can offer 35b for the monocle

These things are rather expensive it would seem :eyes:

40b monocle

45b for the monocle

What is the absolute lowest you’d go on that coat?

Make me a good offer. I’m not in need of the isks and only want more so I can support the new Eve generations. After all the wars I started in Marmite, I’m sure there are old skool rich people that would love to take my greatcoat from me. This is their chance. I think I already saw a 300B buy order at Jita.

Ill throw up a offer i guess, 200b for the coat.

EDIT: Lowered by 10b

So 200 billion for this coat? I can imagine someone sitting in a bar in Jita talking with a buyer.

“Here’s the deal. You give me your Avatar Titan, with crew and offensive and defensive systems intact, as well as a supercarrier with a full complement of fighters. In exchange, I’ll give you this trenchcoat.”


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If you’re removing postings I’d recommend leaving the on topic ones you removed. The fact that one of these items was listed recently and didn’t sell at 200 billion is relevant

what the… am i… space rich?

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I’d take the 200b last one only got to 100b…
46b for the monocle

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I regret selling you that coat when I did :C

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I sent a inquiry through the in game mail system.

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We have settled upon a price in game, it is quite a hefty amount for both items but here is what is being paid.
‘Silvershore’ Greatcoat - 225b
Looking Glass Monocle Interface (Right/Gold) - 50b
After conversing in game, I am convinced that Tora Bushido will use the isk to help out the newer generation. These items will be worn proudly on the character, SparrC.


Farewell my loyal clothing. Be nice to Trev and stay strong! Now it’s time for me to make random newbies happy. Because why not. :slight_smile: