WTB Silvershore Greatcoat open to offers

Please mail in game.

daily bump

You should specify what eye socket you are looking for m8. Price goes from 15-16Bn (right side) to 200Bn+ (left side, there are only 7 in game).

Anyways, best of luck!

P.S.: btw you can’t slot both monocles at the same time =(

Thanks for the tip. I am open to either monocle really :slight_smile:


Bump get this man a monocle!

Oh and once you get one, apply for the monocle clubhouse :wink:

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I just looked more closely at your toon and realised you are sporting both of the items that I am looking for haha. Nicely done.

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Hehehe you could say I’m a collector of oddities :wink:

Glad you got your monocle sorted!


Where do I send my application? Also silvershore greatcoats are hard to find.

I saw one on public contracts in Jita recently

What are you offering for the coat?

I’ll start the offer at 45 I saw a few go for 40 not too long ago.

no you didnt

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I most certainly did and very much regret missing both of them. :frowning:

yeah I saw it on contracts yesterday but it costs 500Bn… don’t get me wrong i’d love to be wearing something worth half a trillion isk… but I do not believe that to be its real value. They are probably around 60-70Bn now

At this point I’d accept 60. One slipped through my fingers for that price this morning. Last minute he sold it to a corp mate :frowning:

You’d be happy to know you missed one that just sold publicly yesterday for 60b and another sold about 2 months ago for 62.5b

I have been tracking public sales for some time now.

They are worth what a buyer is willing to pay for one. If someone is willing to pay 500b to get their hands on one, it is worth 500b right?

They are rare and are supposedly NEVER to be seeded into the game again. We can only trust CCP keeps to their end of deal.

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Oh good so now I know what the floor is on mine, thank you!