WTS gold monocle 13b

Gold monocle for 13b in jita

Selling my silvershore greatcloak. some background on this piece.

It was given to a small number of players who purchased a special package who retained their LE Ishukone watch dress shirt from incarna. No real number on how many there are not many. Silver field marshal coat is basically what it is. coat is as pictured in my avatar. worn for almost 10 years. These were issued once and never again as an apology for seeding the LE ishukone shirts in the Aurum exchange. Please be realistic in price, if the monocle is 25b this will be x00b. this is an extremely rare collectable from a bygone era.

Just kidding, 50b. Will wait ~24h for outbids.

Aight no bids, price is now 40b!

Monocles for 14b

I’ll bid 21 bil on the coat.

1 monocle sold to @Tanya_Talon for a “manipulated price” despite my insisting on 14b. Oh well. 1 monocle left @14b and one coat @40. Comfortable at these prices, not taking offers.

Please contact me in game I will buy the coat immediately and and maybe the monocle if the bundle is a good deal


contract is up.


Previous buyer did not respond, bump.

coat is sold for 50b for some reason. monocle left

Another monocle available

Hello, I’ll do 10b for the monocle

10b offer until Monday


10b Offer

13b for you

10b offered again :slight_smile:

Ty for reminding me about this thread. I’m short on monocles now, price is 13b

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