WTS "silvershore greatcoat"

Selling my silvershore greatcloak. some background on this piece.

It was given to a small number of players who purchased a special package who retained their LE Ishukone watch dress shirt from incarna. No real number on how many there are not many. Silver field marshal coat is basically what it is. coat is as pictured in my avatar. worn for almost 10 years. These were issued once and never again as an apology for seeding the LE ishukone shirts in the Aurum exchange. Please be realistic in price, if the monocle is 25b this will be x00b. this is an extremely rare collectable from a bygone era.

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Calm down, my bro.

The last one sold, this year, for 35b in JIta.


Not interested in selling it that low. No low ballers, I know what I got

The monocle is most definitely not 25b lol

So, if you’re adamant about not getting lowballed you should post. Minimum price

He did if you’ll take the time to read.

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Do I hear 300b? Daddy needs another titan.

Cheapest monocle on sell order is 25b, thats the current asking price. No one really cares what you “think” its worth.

Mate you made up the 25b figure cause that’s what you want it to be worth. It’s on sale for 17 and never sold for more than 16.

As someone who has several of these coats, they are as rare as the poster says. As with anything like this in the game, it’s a specialty item. Those who will want to buy it know what it is and its history. Because it’s niche though, there’s no real common ground on price. It’s worth whatever any given buyer is willing to pay for it.

Thank you for that. And I agree, its just going to take a fit titan to get me to let it go

Would you give me a fitted Titan for one of those?

If I was isk poor and in the market for one sure. However you seem to just be trolling

Item is on contracts in perimeter for 250b, please send best offers by mail


this guy a known scammer anyhow

You can’t just say stuff like that without some evidence. What scam was he involved in? Who was scammed? These coats are rare but not unattainable. Where is your documentation?

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None of those are required. Everyone just talks from their a**.

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