WTS: Rare skins

Another one gone…

For some reason, I can’t edit the original post so here’s a revised list of the skins:

  1. Algos Serpentis Skin: 680M

  2. Arazu Serpentis SKIN: 1B

  3. Astarte Serpentis SKIN: 250M

  4. Coercer Sarum SKIN: 1B

  5. Cormorant Matigu Seabeast SKIN: 1B

  6. Covetor Digmaster Blazon SKIN: 1.5B

  7. Deimos Serpentis SKIN: 880M

  8. Drake Raata Sunset SKIN: [SOLD]

  9. Enyo Serpentis SKIN: 880M

  10. Eris Serpentis SKIN: 570M

  11. Hecate Serpentis SKIN: 489M

  12. Hulk Digmaster Blazon SKIN: 1.5B

  13. Ishtar Serpentis SKIN: [SOLD]

  14. Myrmidon Serpentis SKIN: 545M

  15. Nemesis Serpentis SKIN: 500M

  16. Oracle Sarum SKIN: 490M

  17. Raven Matigu Seabeast SKIN: [SOLD]

  18. Raven Raata Sunset SKIN: [SOLD]

  19. Retriever Digmaster Blazon SKIN: 1.5B

  20. Taranis Serpentis SKIN: 790M

  21. Tristan Kopis Edge SKIN: 18M

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Out of curiosity, where do the serp skins come from?

Limited time sale back in 2018

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