Rare Skins

Reply to post since I don’t check mail often.

Skins Available:

Nyx Dos Rouvenor’s Bequest SKIN 1
Nyx InterBus SKIN 1
Revenant True Deliverance SKIN 1
Wyvern Capsuleer Day XV SKIN 1
Aeon Glacial Drift SKIN 1
Avatar Deathglow Hunters SKIN 2

Ark Cold Iron SKIN 1
Naglfar Chainbreaker Khumaak SKIN 1
Phoenix Glacial Drift SKIN 1
Revelation Lavacore Imperial SKIN 1
Rorqual Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN 1
Rorqual Glacial Drift SKIN 1

Apocalypse Khanid SKIN 2
Brutix Navy Issue Federal Police SKIN 1
Confessor Lavacore Imperial SKIN 1
Damavik Red Forests Thunderbird SKIN 1
Daredevil Heartsurge SKIN 1
Dramiel Sariel’s Flames SKIN 2
Draugur All-Stars Casino Clash SKIN 2
Draugur Liminal Crossings SKIN 2
Draugur Niflhel Gildclaw SKIN 1
Falcon Steel Cardinal SKIN 2
Kikimora Eden’s Hunters SKIN 1
Kikimora Kybernaut Clade SKIN 2
Minokawa Steel Cardinal SKIN 1
Nestor Yoiul Star SKIN 1
Nestor Eden’s Hunters SKIN 1
Nemesis Caille Neon SKIN 1
Pacifier SARO ‘Black Troop’ SKIN 1
Prospect Morphite Shine SKIN 3
Rattlesnake Redclaw Sable SKIN 5
Rodiva Red Forests Thunderbird SKIN 1
Sabre Cordite Blossom SKIN 1
Sabre Glacial Drift SKIN 3
Sabre Hazard Control SKIN 1
Sabre Permaband - Warp to the Dance Floor SKIN 3
Succubus True Deliverance SKIN 1
Vagabond Heartsurge SKIN 2
Vexor Navy Issue Empyrean Dragons SKIN 2
Vigilant Heartsurge SKIN 1
Vindicator Eden’s Hunters SKIN 2
Vindicator Heartsurge SKIN 1
Zealot Heartsurge SKIN 2

Mail me your best prices for:
Damavik Red Forests Thunderbird SKIN
Draugur Liminal Crossings SKIN
Rodiva Red Forests Thunderbird SKIN
Vexor Navy Issue Empyrean Dragons SKIN


I am looking for the Corax Military Stockpile Skin.
If you happen to come across one, please evemail.
Currently I got a buy order up in jita for 75m

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