:christmasparrot: Ship skins for sale

I have quite a few rare / high end ship skins I am looking to sell. Please leave a message here or feel free to message me in game.


I currently have the following skins for sale:

Waschi Uprising ‘Parade’ SKIN

  • Othrus x1

Chainbreaker Khumaak SKIN

  • Hel x1

Police SKIN

  • Vexor x3
  • Nyx x3
  • Ishtar x2

Headhunter SKIN

  • Hel x3
  • Ragnarok x2

Firewall Breach SKIN

  • Nidhoggur x2
  • Naglfir x1
  • Hel x1

Yoiul Festival YC121 SKIN

  • Vexor Navy Issue x2
  • Cerberus x1
  • Ark x1
  • Panther x3
  • Minokawa - SOLD

Lavacore Imperial SKIN

  • Apostle x2
  • Revelation x2
  • Redeemer x2
  • Confessor x2
  • Avatar x2

Seren Tu SKIN

  • Cynabal x4
  • Hyperion x3

Absent Heroes SKIN

  • Typhoon x3

Empyrean Dragons SKIN

  • Vexor Navy Issue x2

Sebiestor SKIN

  • Hel - SOLD

Glittering Dream SKIN

  • Ishtar - SOLD

Steel Cardinal SKIN

  • Minokawa x2
  • Cerberus x3
  • Fly Catcher x1

Abyssal Gila SKINs

  • Afterglow x2
  • Firestorm - SOLD
  • Thunderstorm x1


  • Vexor Navy Issue x2
  • Hurricane x3
  • Ishtar - SOLD
  • Gila x1

"Blaze" Squadron SKIN

  • Ishtar x3
  • Cerberus x3
  • Barghest x2

How much for the steel cardinal Cerberus skin?

Mail sent

Contact me in game please about the Parade skins

Contact in game about the abyssal gila skins please

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