WTS Researched BPO 🌟 LIF 7/10 - Offers Considered For Quick Sale

All BPO’s located in Jita 4-4 - public contract.

Available Now

Apostle 7/0 - SOLD
Lif 7/0 - 1.4bn

Will consider sensible offers for a quick sale

All BPO’s located in Jita 4-4 - public contract.

Thanatos 7/0 - SOLD
Charon 8/12 - SOLD
Apostle 8/12 - SOLD
Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount 9/14 - SOLD

The Apostle & Lif should have had another level of ME and some TE, but the station owner took it down mid research so being quite honest, I can’t be arsed anymore and just selling!

Sale via public / personal contract only.

Contact me here, or ingame (mail or chat).

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Still for sale

Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount 9/14 - Added Today

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For sale still

Still available

All BPO’s now on public contract in Jita 4-4

Contracts are in Jita 4-4.

2bil for the doomsday?

Base market price is 2,146,886,800, but thanks for the free bump.

Still for sale

Running out of things to say…

Charon sold, just the Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount BPO left currently.

Still for sale

Available in Jita 4-4, public contract

Still available

Still the 1 BPO left

More BPO’s coming soon

Apostle, Lif, and Thanatos added - detail within main post.