WTS Revenant full fit

WTS Revenant full fit
Cobalt Edge

How much?

170 b/o

I’ll buy. How will the ship be transferred?

write a nickname for anyone to create a contract

So it’s in a keepstar with public access?

keepstar region cobalt edge

Does it have public access?

no only +

How will I get it out then

no plates? not fully fit…

all or nothing

Check in game mail

Stop flud plz
Sell only in full fit
in Cobalt Edge

would buy if just traveland not locked away in some garbage keepstar

Capqu <3

I’d buy this thing if you dropped the price to accommodate for the fact it will definitely die trying to get it out of Little Russia

L O L You have about 16 hours before the arse falls out the price of that ship in that location

15 hours… no fuel?

Still for sale?

Check mail plz^^