WTS Rorq/Nyx 76ml SP Char

This character is for sale. don DiegoAlamris pass: 123890
Good Rorgual und Orca bost. Can fly meaningful Nyx. mostly drones skill present all jump skills lvl5
has 1.16Ml unallocated skill ponts. has 5 Reseach Agents. can bulid Caps parts.
very good resprocessings skill. can fly minmatar intersceport for fast travel und small pvp.

  • positiv wallet

  • no killrigths

  • 4 jump clones, all in Oasa ( 2 with minig foreman mindlink )

  • Character will be in Jita

  • remap avaible now; + 3 bonus remaps

  • reseach agents

Starting at: 55B

55 billion to get you started also you may want to fix your title it says 7ml sp character, however from your eveboard it looks as though you have over 76 Million SP

thnx, $SUBJ corrected

also do you have a buy out number in mind?

buy out is 80B

68 billion

24h to go

Maizie Fields please send isks and account name in game. online 2-3h

Logging in for the tansaction now…

isks recive, waiting for acount mane in game mail

ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks!!

account transfer started:

Charaktername: don DiegoAlamris

Wird fertiggestellt in: 28.03.2018 04:08:20

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