WTS rorq polit JACK WWWW

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/JACK_wwww PW:123
All CCP rules apply. I will pay the transfer fee,use plex.
Wallet balance :0.5m isk
Kill rights :NO kill rights
Jump clones:1dq
Character location:Kisogo
Starting Bid - 20 Bil
Buy Out - 21Bil

Retracted my offer

18b you pay the transffer i accept.
im wait isk and account name

deal cancel , beacuse i pay the transfer,sorry 3li Abdullah,
char still selling

i Offer 15B.

up to the top

up to the top

I want to buy ur JACK Wooooooooooo 26 bil

still selling

21bill b/o

It states the buyout at 21 )

I am buying if you are still selling, convo me ingame or ingame mail

i accept johny orca offer ,send me isk and account name

Will be able to login and send ISK in about 2hours

ISK and account name sent

ok isk and account name get , tickets #727098

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