WTS rorq polit JACK

(JACK Fight) #1

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/JACK_Fight PW:123

All CCP rules apply. I will pay the transfer fee,use plex.
Starting Bid - 18 Bil
Buy Out - My Choice

(3li Abdullah) #2

Retracted my offer

(JACK Fight) #3

18b you pay the transffer i accept.
im wait isk and account name

(Gary Bell) #4

I would wait… Rorq pilots are going for alot more… ive seen 18 mil sp sell for 25

(JACK Fight) #5

deal cancel , beacuse i pay the transfer,sorry 3li Abdullah,
char still selling

(alx Crasher) #7

i Offer 15B

(Yolla TapNgo) #8

Retracted offer, no response.

(artist D) #9


(NaKitu MiNajasi) #10

Retracted Offer want to focus on Jack TTTT


21b take it

(NaKitu MiNajasi) #12

WTB JACK Wooooooooooo 26 bil right now

(11 xiaofu) #13

21b my

(JACK Funny) #14

sorry 11 xiaofu this char was selled for Norwal88 #724816
@GM cloes

(system) #15

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