WTS Rorqual account for sale 13M skillpoints

In a NPC corporation
No kill rights
13M skill points only for rorqual
ready for sell

EVEskillboard link?

Can u link eveskillboard, i’m interested

Third interested — need eveskill

4th interested - need eveskillboard

Still for sale ?

4bil offer seeing how there is no eveboard.

Removed a thread that was spam.


ISD Bahamut

so why the ■■■■ does this incomplete thread get to remain open??!?!!? Holy ■■■■ ISD, holy ■■■■■■■ ■■■■!!!?!?!?

Is this like a 2/4 thing??? or just selective justice??? Cause now im ■■■■■■■ TNT…

Dear ISD Bahamut and that ISD Piggy …
Really would love to know the reason why a thread I put up that was similar to this one, yet with a skillboard link and a many year background in char sales, got hammered and this one is OK… Just give me a ■■■■■■■ clue

6b offer

also interested and want the link of eveskill

this post is like 7 weeks old and no responses… not even a complete sale post… why is this still here?

skillboard and price pls ,pal

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