WTS Rorqual Pilot. 31.5m SP


No Killrights
Positive wallet
Located in Jita 4-4
Full set of +5 Implants
Can fit T2 Industrial Core
All CCP rules apply to sale.

MB: 30 Billion

I am very intrested but i need to save more money

30b b/o

Bid retracted something came up excuse

I will accept this offer. Please send Isk and acct information to Kaylee Khastle. I have to work all day, but I will check in whenever i can and transfer as soon as i am able.

30.5b b/o @Kaylee_Khastle I can have the isk ready for you pretty much now as I am in game.

I will accept this offer,
Sorry I missed you only had a 20 minute break, send isk and account info and I will transfer character when i finish working in about 4 hours.

Retracted due to unforseen events… Good luck and I apologize.

Looks like she is still for sale…


@Kaylee_Khastle You still good for the 30.5b b/o? I was unfortunately dragged away for irl (grrr family) if you are still good for that, then let me know and I will send you isk and account info.

Im online now. I have to work in an hour. first 30.5 to send isk and acct info wins

Isk and account info sent.

Isk and account info received, transferring now.

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