WTS Rorqual pilot, 33mSP Focused and the ability to make Titans

28b offer

29b offer

ill take the 29B offer

Account information sent via in-game mail and ISK transferred.

Char transfered initiated. ty for the bids.

Petition made. Stay tuned.

Don’t know what you mean by “Petition” but character transfers can no longer be paid with PLEX.

This is how you do it now:

Log into the Account Management for the account that holds the character . Open the “Services” menu and select the " Transfer Character " option. Select the character to transfer and enter the name of the destination account. Then click “Next” to select your payment method and enter your payment details as necessary.

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I am going to need a confirmation that you are actually going to sell the character according to the rules CCP have set up for this forum and to which you agreed when you made the post.

Failure to reply here within reasonable time will result in me having to report you for scamming since you accepted the deal and took my ISK. This will result in your account being permanently banned along with all other accounts related to that one.

See: Welcome to the Character Bazaar.

Please also be acutely aware that scamming using character sales is a violation of the EVE Online EULA, and any individuals found to be involved in character sales scams will be permanently banned from EVE Online across all their accounts with no recourse.

I hope it doesn’t come to this though.

A character called Spotty1 has now been transferred to my account. This character have 8m SP and is not the agreed upon character from this deal.

A ticket has been sent.

Should be OK now, sorry for the inconveniance.
I transferred the wrong char…

The correct character is now on my account and I’ve canceled the ticket.

Thank you.

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