[SOLD] ~32.9 SP Rorq pilot

(Shyla Went Black) #1

Hi guys.

I’m downsizing subbed accounts due to lack of time/energy to krab these days, and so another rorq pilot is on the chopping block.

Character is in an NPC corp, has positive sec status, is in high sec, and has no kill rights. I will pay for tranfer via PLEX as soon as buyout is accepted, so please allow CCP time to work their magic.
I reserve the right to cancel auction for any or no reason.

Please reference skillboard for exact skills in case I forget something; that said, please let me know if I have something wrong:


Character highlights:

  • Yearly remap available + 2 bonus remaps

  • Capital Industrial Ships 5 / T2 indy core

  • Drone interfacing/Nav/Sharpshooting 5

  • Ore Drone Mining Spec 5 / Ice Drone Mining Spec 5

  • Jump Drive Calibration 5 and good supports; was also starting to train towards a FAX

As I am slowly downsizing accounts I am in no hurry to sell, so please don’t lowball.
I will sell for a reasonable buyout based on interest, otherwise I will probably let this run for a week or so.
I do not really use this character in game so please post her with any questions or comments, or I likely won’t see them.

Starting bid: 32B

(Spiner507) #2

Offer withdrawn

(kopai shmot) #3

33.5 bil Ready

(Shyla Went Black) #4

Thank you for bid. I will let this run another day or two before closing if I don’t get higher offers.

(Shyla Went Black) #5

Will close in a couple hours when I get home if there have been no better offers.

(Shyla Went Black) #6

Buyout accepted, send isk and account name and I’ll get it started.

(kopai shmot) #7

isk and account info send in eve mail box

(Shyla Went Black) #8

Isk received. Petition filed with CCP to have character transferred, please allow them time to process the transfer per OP.


Thank you and enjoy the character!

(Shyla Went Black) #9

CCP states transfer is done and it is no longer on my account screen, please confirm receipt