WTS Rorqual Resource processing ishtar 43M / 35 BO valid 24h

pass 12345
all ccp rules
located in hisek
positive status
i will pay transfer
selling becose i need isk to new project, 35 BO valid for 24h from post

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30 bil offer

35bo will transfer Isk when I get home!!! In 6 hours! :heart::heart::heart: Love u long time

Congratulations, guess I should have gone for the BO at first glance. Best of luck with your new character!

If, for any reason, the trade above isn’t happening - I’d be happy to jump in @ 35b. Etta was first though, so should get the first opportunity to complete the sale.

im accepting Etta Orfuls , isk reciviend shortly i will start transfer via support ticked.

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support ticked was created yesterday, dunno why is delay on transfer.

Yeah was about to ask seems weird it’s taking so long ah well ■■■■ happens

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