WTS Sabre alt 5M SP

p: abc

SP 4.997.126

Interdictor 3
T2 Autocannon
Cloaking 3

Remap 12/12/18 (int/perc)
Bonus remaps: 2

No killrights
Sec status: 0.06
Positive wallet balance
No jumpclones
Location: Hulm npc station

Transfer will be done by plex.
Looking at bids starting from 4bil and up.


3.5B B/o

luo what is your b/o?


Is noted

B/o going to be 5.0bil

4.1B  。

5 bill b/o convo or mail me ingame ty

Accepted please send isk and account name ingame.

isk and account name sent thanks.

Confirmed, related Support Request #727665

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