5.3 Mil+ SP Neutral Sabre Alt , 920k Unallo


Hello I am For sale

5.3 Mil Sabre Alt
corp history makes it look like tasty bait for blops
920k Unallo

10 Bil B/O

All CCP rules apply

I will start you off at 3b…still laughing

for 10b you can inject your own and not have a ■■■■ name…

will offer 4b

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4 bil is to low thank you for the offer

will do 5bil if u can transfer it now

5 bil is a little to low for me ill do 7 and transfer immedietly

daily friend bump



if you still want to sell 5bil is available -

this guy has almost 6.2 mil sp so why wouldnt i just strip a mil SP and sell it as a 5 mil sp farm alt for 5 bil… bare minimum i tak on this guy is 7

i could offer you 5.25 bil max

im guessing you didnt read the part where the bare minimum is 7 bil? or are you choosing to selectivly read what i type

lmao, you can get 5m sp with 7.9b of injectors, and your original BO was 10b?

and im asking for 7 bil for 6.2 mil 920 being unallocated. so whats your point as it doesnt even concern you

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you ask… we offer - I didn’t wanne lecture you but i’m glad Brock knows the math too… - anyway, my offer stands > if you dont find it enough you can ignore it*

flawed math is still flawed, and im entitled to put w/e b/o i want on you can just ifnore it as well and i dont need a lecture from someone who isnt even making a bid

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