:parrotbeer: Bring Out Your Toons! Buying Characters Now!

(Nicopolo) #173

(The Master Maker) #174


WTS 16.7 PVP, INDUSTRY, MINER (Orca). Looking for offers at or over 14b.

Good shield, armor, drone and gunnery skills
Can pilot Minmitar freighter and Orca
Good mining, reprocessing skills
No kill rights
Clear corp history
Positive wallet

(Ole Grumpy Borrocks) #175

u can make me an offer if you like :slight_smile:

(Grigori Aakiwa) #176

WTS 9.6m sp basic character i’m for sale if interested

(Maizie Fields) #177

^^ Thanks for the interest ^^ Please check your bids and/or in-game mail ;=)

(MadPie VI) #178


All these toons are for sale you can eve mail them seperatly or you can Evemail this char, thank you for your time

(Jay RedFire) #179

I am for sale

(Noah Sark) #180

This char is up for sale. Make me an offer. Positive isk 26mill + sp and all the other criteria.
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Noah_Sark Am in Ahtila hi sec in npc corp. Set of +4’s in head 3 jump clones and 1 bonus remap available. Currently traing Minny Cruiser to lvl5. Can fly an Orca. CCP rules. No bounty no kill rights.

(Maizie Fields) #181

^ Thanks, gentlemen ^ Responses sent in game.

(Maizie Fields) #182

Four character slots currently available!

(Aaron Silverstone) #183


For grins me if interested

(Zoe Plz) #184

Do you have any Revelation/Avatar pilots for sale?

(Maizie Fields) #185

Thanks for the inquiries. Responses provided in game.

(Leenah Oramara) #186


(Enna Wassock) #188

Am for sale. will have roughly 20mill sp in hi sec in Ichoriya. 4 jump clones one in lo sec Uphallant the rest in hi sec (perimeter).set of standard implants in me head and a set of standards in the JC in Uphallant. Positive isk. No kill rights and not wanted. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Enna_Wassock. CCP terms apply. Make me an offer.

(Maizie Fields) #189

^^^ Thanks for the interest, responses provided in-game!

(Chantol) #190

Would be interested in what you would offer for me


Password 123

(Daria Sin) #191

I’m for sale…


password 123

(Jumper4) #192

I am also for sale.


password 123

(Boke Aji) #193

selling myself https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Boke_Aji

password: 123123