3 - 5+mil SP PI and SP Farm char for sale

MadPie I -

Madpie II -

MadPie III -

All Char are for sale and are ready for transfers, They also all have at least 2 +5 implants and can get working on PI and SP farming right away


7 Bil B/O

I love the part where you say all CCP rules apply but probably havent read the rules, so, just to help out here, you have to post with the other toons in this thread to confirm they are for sale, and you cant be for sale while still in a corp, you have to be in a NPC corp.

Start you off at 3.5b for 1, 8b for all

daily bump

Confirming i am for sale, on the same account

confirming i am for sale on the same account

daily bump

5bil isk and mail sent to MadPie I, hope u would accept it.
will continue to buy ur MadPies if I got income tonight.

madpie I is on its way, i will reserve the other 2 for you but they will have to be xfered 10 hours apart since they share the same account

no worries

Where is MadPie V and VI anyway? :rofl:

they exist they are just low sp

isk and mail both sent to madpie2&3, pls check

Madpie 2 is on his way ill get madpie 3 sent 10 hours from now

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